Why It Is Important To Keep Your E-Cigarette Clean

Why It Is Important To Keep Your E-Cigarette Clean

When you change from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes there are a number of changes that you have to make. One of those changes regards keeping your e-cig clean.

This is a change from the analog cigarettes that did not require any cleaning to be done since you would simply get a cigarette from the pack, smoke it then discard the butt.

When you start vaping, you need to keep your device clean at all times. The following are some of the reasons why this must happen.


Most vapers move away from the disposable e-cigarettes and start using those that can be refilled. As a person, you cannot be comfortable putting something dirty in your mouth.

Even the mere appearance of dirt will reduce your appetite for the best Electronic cigarettes so keeping it clean gives you psychological comfort that what you are indulging in is safe.

Optimal Functionality.

To get the best out of your atomizers, they must be clean at all times. Deposits from the e-liquid start building up in the atomizer so when you do not clean them regularly they get clogged up and your vaping sessions will get compromised.

The battery can also be compromised by a buildup of dust on the connection terminals so they need to be kept clean.

Keeping the e-cig clean therefore has the benefit of helping you get the same high level performance from the device as you were getting when the atomizer was fresh out of the box.

How Can My Device Be Cleaned?

Use a clean cloth to clean the battery connection points so that all dust gets removed from there. As for the atomizer, blow air through it so that all water inside drains out. Turn the battery on to heat it a little so that particles attached onto the heating element can be dislodged and repeat the blowing process until you can no longer hear water moving in it.

Let it dry overnight by letting it stand with the battery side up to protect it from contact with water.


Keep learning how to best keep your e-cig clean so that the different components can remain functioning well for as long as possible. The tips above are just the starting point in that process.